Roger Phoenix

Steve Wallwork (1/2)
November 18, 2016
Kim Foale
January 23, 2019

Roger Phoenix

Hana recently ripped out my old boiler and put a new one in. In the process she straightened out all the plumbing on the approach.

My comments on the work carried out:

• Hana knew that one night during the process we would be without hot water and, as it was a cold night she brought an electric heater in case we needed it. We did.

• Hana was that much of a completist that she fixed a toilet cistern she noticed was dripping. That’s how determined she was to make sure everything was perfect before she left.

• The pipework approaching the boiler is well crafted and super neat. No shortcuts taken. Seriously, it’s actually quite enjoyable just to look at it.

• Hana arrived when she said she would, the work took as long as she estimated, and the bill was exactly as quoted.

Would I use Hana K Plumbing for annual servicing? Yes.
Would I recommend Hana K Plumbing to family and friends? Heck yes.